Critical Condition of Industrial Testing

Industrial testing is not only most critical but absolutely indispensable. This is true for the Aerospace Industry and the Automotive, Nuclear, Refining & Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation as well as the Pipeline and Pulp & Paper Industries. In order to keep the wheels of the industry running smoothly you will have to ensure that these wheels are well oiled. This means that periodical testing has to be carried out as a preventive measure if you are to avoid costly breakdowns from occurring. These tests are invariably non destructive in nature so as to be unobtrusive and permit the industry to function while the testing is in progress. The various types of tests carried out could be visual or radiographic and ultrasonic or eddy current and magnetic testing.

As mentioned magnetic testing is a form of non-destructive testing. This form of testing is used for the examination of welds and pipelines besides turbines and their components such as the blades or the shroud. Some of the forms of magnetic testing are Magnetic Flux Leakage, Alternating Current Field Measurement and the Portable Yoke.

The other important aspect is that every material being used in the industry has to be analyzed and tested so as to ensure that the material will not fail within the environment for which it is being selected. Thus the turbine blades should not fail under creep or thermal fatigue while inside the engine and the pipeline in a chemical factory must not fail due to stress corrosion cracking. Materials' testing is therefore the other important aspect of any industry.

Materials' testing is a critical check that needs to be carried out before that material is introduced in the practical environment. The environments could be one of compressive stresses or tensile, torsional or impact and high or cold temperature and corrosive or a combination of two or more such conditions. Materials testing must therefore be able to test for all these properties in suitable laboratories that can cater for metals, alloys, fabrics and even ceramics. Sometimes such testing could be called for in cases where a failure is involved.

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